1ink.cc review

Earn bitcoin for shrink urls and share 

  • shortern urls and earn money in bitcoin – 1 view 20 satoshis

Add your code in your page, Earn from every different visitor!

do not use this code directly ,use your own code which you get from your a/c
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://1ink.cc/includes/ajax/jquery.js"></script>
setTimeout(function() { $.ajax({
 type: "POST", url: "http://1ink.cc/api/check.php", cache: false,
 success: function(result){
 LinkURL=window.location.href;LinkURL=LinkURL.replace("&", "|-|");LinkURL=LinkURL.replace("&", "|-|");LinkURL=LinkURL.replace("&", "|-|");
 if(result == "Unique") { window.location.href = "http://1ink.cc/oDRP?return=" + LinkURL;
 }} }); }, 50);
  • You can customize Ad Page (change Logo and texts) to fit your website content

  • withdraw anytime

  • minimum is 4000 satoshi ( 0.00004 btc ) . There is no transaction fees.
  • payment will be sent to your account on FaucetHub.io
  • for security reason, Contact us to change your wallet address.
  • “Valid Click”

means the visitor [Skipped Ad] and profits transferred to your account balance.

You can Generate Code to Earn from Your Website visitors.

You can use API to generate links automatically from your website script

.This list on website showing only top 200 links, each with Views and Clicks done by your visitors.

  • payment proofs

1ink.cc is a free tool that help freelancers to make money by promoting their shortened URLs. 
We also rent our web pages for advertisers. 
Account & Privacy
– You must keep your account private. Do not share your password. 
– This website has rights to close your account anytime. 
– We backup your 1ink.cc account in realtime. But no warranty, no guarantee. 
Chopping URLs
– Chopping means shortening a long URL (web address/link) to short form. 
– We allow everyone to chop their URLs and get a shorten link which will start with “http://1ink.cc/“ text part. 
– You can use 1ink.cc to short any type of links. 
Sharing Chopped URLs
– You can share your chopped URLs everywhere and earn real money when people reach your long URL. 
– To earn more money, you can include our Ad-code inside your web page.