8raa.com review

Multi coin faucet – 8raa.com – claim btc lite doge blk dash ppc xpm bcc eth at one place 

No registration, only login with your Faucethub Adress!
Payout is instant on your Faucethub Adress.

faucets list of multi coins

You can earn every 5 Minutes:

BTC/ 25 Satoshis
Bitcore/1000 Satoshis
BTC Cash/ 200 Satoshis
LTC/ 1000 Litoshis
Dashcoin/ 400 Dashies
Dogecoin/ 1 Dogecoin
Etherum/ 400 Gwei
Blackcoin/ 0,005 BLK
Peercoin/ 30000 Peertoshi

All that Coins you can get every 5 Mins!! Thats a faucet u can work with and upgrate your claim avg!

I Think that is a pretty powerfull Faucet, what do u think, answer the poll?

Very nice too, is the fact, that there are by 99% no popups while surfing the site and they only use the fast and good read-able solve media captures.