Best Bitcoin PTC websites 2019-20

View ads and Earn BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC ,DOGE

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New arrivals

1.Reason 365 top – Earn btc by viewing ads

  • 10% from you Referral Surfing earnings
  • 15% from you Referral Faucet earnings
  • Min cashout is 0.0002500 to faucethub

2.Coin Stoshi top – Earn btc by viewing ads

  • 30% from you Referral Surfing earnings
  • 20% from you Referral Faucet earnings
  • minimum cashout is Satoshis 2,500

3.Ad bch – Earn Bitcoin Cash just by viewing advertisements

4.Ad ltc – Earn Litecoin just by viewing advertisements

5.Ad eth – Earn Etherum just by viewing advertisements

6.Ad dash – Earn Dash just by viewing advertisements

7.Ad doge – Earn Dogecoins just by viewing advertisements

8.Dogex – Earn Dogecoins just by viewing advertisements

9.Doge Ads Top – Earn Dogecoins just by viewing advertisements

10. BITCO HITZ –Free bitcoin earning opportunity.

  • Earn from offerwalls, lottery, games and more!
  • Watch advertisements.
  • Earn bitcoins for free by watching our advertisements
  • and many more ways to earn.
  • No need to invest.
  • Bitcohitz is free to join and no investment is required to earn money.
  • Low cashout limits.
  • Bitcohitz has NO minimum cashout

11. BTC 4 COIN – earn btc by viewing websites

  • min payout 1000 satoshi to faucethub
  • earn 20% referral commission
  • Earn bitcoins by viewing and surfing advertisements.
  • Guaranteed ads daily, Earn 4 to 100 satoshi per click.
  • Earn more from offers and surveys.
  • Earn bitcoins easy game from home.
  • Earn 20% referral earning lifetime, Unlimited Direct referral limit
  • nstant payments with the most popular micropayment processors.
  • Minimum withdrawal is only 1000 satoshi via FaucetHub instantly.

12. ZAP BTC – Earn bitcoins by viewing advertisements.

  • Earn from home.
  • Guaranteed ads daily.
  • Earn more from offers and surveys.
  • Young, you can invite many friends and get many referrals.
  • Instant payments with the most popular micropayment processors.
  • Low minimum for withdrawals.

13. CLICK FOR BIT – Earn bitcoins by viewing advertisements

Old ptc faucets


– Earn Bitcoin by Surfing .Earn up to 500 Satoshi per click and up to 50% referral/affiliate commission! Clixcoin is an advertising platform where members can click ads to earn bitcoins and advertisers can promote their business to bitcoin users.Upgraded member gets multiple advantages over an standard member. An upgraded member will earn 5x or even 10x of what a standard member earns. Upgraded members will earn extra % from their own ad clicks, surfing ads and their referral ad clicks and ads surf. Check upgrade page for more details


Earn Endless Bitcoins
Here at BTCBUFFET we provide FREE, EASY, and SAFE ways to earn Bitcoin.EARN 1 BTC OR MORE.Only 3-5 minutes a day that can make you Earn Big!The Magic will Happen!

Member Benefits
Unique System
Unlimited Direct Referrals
1 Second = 1 Satoshi & Start with 5 Satoshis
Less Referrals But Earn Big
Lifetime Earnings of 20% – 50% From Referrals.
Earn Unlimited 5%-3%-2% From Referral Upgrade/Extend.
Withdrawals Start From 0.0002 BTC
Free Advertising Bonuses


– EARNERS .Earn up to 200 Satoshi per click. Withdrawals from 0.0001 BTC .Affiliate program: 7.5% from you referral surfing earnings .7.5% from your referral advertisement spendings! ADVERTISERS .Target REAL bitcoin users.. CPC starts from 5 Satoshi. .No minimum purchase required!


– View adds and earn btc . Hundreds of offers to choose from on our offer walls.
16 offer walls with more being added all the time.Watch short videos and earn Bitcoin.Complete shortsurveys for huge Bitcoin rewards.Install mobile apps and receive Bitcoins.


– We pay for every click you make ways current cost per clickReferral system arn 30% for each referral click. Small threshold for payments. The minimum amount for payments is 0.00012000 BTC. Earn moreBrowse sites every 24 hours. Quick outputWithdrawal of ordered funds within 48 hours. Service of micropayments.RefPayMeans are displayed on .

18. Clix 4 btc

Earn by viewing ads . Open a free account using the signup link.Click through ads and surveys to earn bitcoins.Refer your friends and earn up to 100% of their earnings.Request your funds anytime with no cost.All members accepted.Minimum payout at 0.2 mBTC. No withdrawal fees.50% to 100% referral commission.Earn up to 0.00110 mBTC per click.

19.Btc 4 ads

Earn by viewing ads.

  • Receive 500 Satoshis just for Joining!
  • Earn up to  0.00000105 per click
  • Earn up to  0.00000021 per affiliate/referral click
  • Minimum payout is  0.0005 BTC
  • Affiliate/referral program with up to 50% lifetime commission!
  • Upgrade to Premium membership for  0.00181750 and double your earnings!
  • Payout every sunday

20.Qoin ads

Earn by viewing ads.

  • Legitimate PTC-Based Global Income Opportunity.
  • Earn Bitcoins and Qoinad PTS for your time and for referring new members.
  • Super Affordable Upgrade! 2$/Month Worth of BTC will double your earnings and higher your referral commissions
  • Generous Team-Building commissions for all your downline earnings, purchases and up to 20% for referrals clicks and upgrades.Even more for Banner impression sales
  • Withdrawals processed three times per week every time on time!Check FAQ and TOS for more details.
  • Advanced account statistics and referral activity filter.
  • Guaranteed Ads Daily.

21. advert coins

Earn by viewing ads.

  • View ads and earn up to 0.00000077 BTC per click.
  • New advertisements to click daily.
  • Refer new members and receive 10% of their life-time earnings.
  • Unlimited number of direct referrals.

22.Index bitcoin

  • Earn Bitcoins in Multiple ways
  • PTC + PTP + Faucet + GPT Site!!
  • Claim Bitcoins every 3 minutes!!
  • Massive Referral Commission!! 50% on Faucet, 20% on PTP, 10% on PTC!