New updates about SSC ENGLISH Activity Sheet.

*There will no A B C D set activity sheets from march 2019.

Q1. Language study
A. Grammar based on Previous knowledge.
1. Complete the words/spelling(4) . 2M
2. Copy the sentenses(2). 2M
3. Put words in alphabetical order(2) 2M
4. Punctuate the following. (2) 2M
5. Make 4words from given word. (minimum 3letter) 2M
6. Spot the error (2sentences). 2M
7. Write the related words. Two words(web type) 2M
8. Complete the word chain. Two words. 2M
B. Do as directed.
1. Make a sentence (using phrase) 1M
2. Add prefix/sufix to the word and make sentense from root word. 2M
3. Add a clause to expand the sentence. 1M
Q2. (A), (B) 2Textual passages. 2*10=20M
Q3.(A) Poem for comprehension. 5M
(B). Appreciation of the poem. M10
Q4 (A) Non textual passage. 10M
*Q4 (B) No separate non textual passage for Summary writing. The
Same Q4 (A) Non- textual passage will be followed for d summary writing.

  • Writing Skills. (5+5,5+5)M
    Q5 and Q6 (A1 or A2, B1 or B2) options will be provided.

Writing skills :-
* Q5.A) Letter – formal or informal, any one. 5M
* Q5.B) Dialogue writing(a, b, c) or speech writing any one 5M

*Q6.A) Information transfer
-verbal to non-verbal or non-verbal to verbal, any one. 5M
*Q6.B) Expand the theme or News Report, any one. 5M
Q7.A) Live English :
some topics, of std 9th/10th ICT base, are included, topics may be like making ppt n creating blog, filling information No practical (live) answers will solve to ICT based ques. in exam. 5M
Q7. B) Translation: (5M)
* English to Marathi
1. Two words from the course book. 1M
2. One sentense and one proverb/idiom. 2M
3. मराठी to English
Two sentences. 2M

Source : A meeting was held at State Board in Pune about d changes in activity sheet.

Final blueprint of activity sheet will be published soon in ‘ शिक्षण संक्रमण ‘.