Following Sites Are Shutting Down

Following sites are closing ,please withdraw your balance quickly

Free-Doge – 50 % referral

Free-XMR – 50 % referral

Free-BCH – 50 % referral

site owners declaration is below

This sites ends in 2 months

Why this sites ends?
This site is not profitable for us today that is reason why we are ending it.

What will happen with my account?
Your account will stay enable and you can withdraw all your funds until 1.5.2020 From this date you can still withdraw your funds but your account will be disable and after withdraw we will delete them.

Free section is disabled and register is disabled?
The free section is disable and register is disabled because our site end but multiply or lottery or earn section will still work until the end of site.

What will happen with my account detail?
All your account will be deleted after end of site.

Is all funds secured stored and will i receive them?
Of course all funds are stored in cold storege and you will receive them we fallow all law and you will receive your funds in 48hours after withdraw.

I have question and i want email you?
Sorry we can not ansfer mail now because we have more than 5000 mails every day it is imposible to reply to them please read this section we will put there other question and answer.